4 Reasons You Should Move To a Field Station

4. The View

Shallow I know, but we’re starting small.

And you have to admit, it is breath-taking!


Photo: Natalie Etemesi

In order to perform scientific study at a field station, there must actually be science to study, which includes all the beautiful flora and fauna that abounds the earth.

Photo: Natalie Etemesi

Hooray for biodiversity! Photo: Natalie Etemesi

And as the place in question is right on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, a boat or two (purely for scientific study, of course) does not go amiss. And who doesn’t like the open ocean?


Paramount Pictures

Well, mostly…

Imagine waking up to this everyday. That could be your home!

Imagine waking up to this everyday. That could be your home! Photo: Natalie Etemesi

3. The People

You would have the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of people, who may have wildly different backgrounds from you, because field stations tend to have researchers, school groups, university students, postgrad and postdoc students that regularly drop by.

This is absolutely perfect if you are the social butterfly type and enjoy meeting new people, and are great and interacting with the world.

I know, it sounds a little counter-intuitive that you’d have to go somewhere so remote to meet new people, but trust me on this one! The world is smaller than you think.

But if you’re feeling like some time alone, or perhaps you are the type that just prefers to be anyway. There are plenty of secluded places you can explore nearby.

With such a varied and knowledgeable flow of people, you could even meet your next supervisor!


Abundance of empty beaches guaranteed! Photo: Natalie Etemesi

I promise, it is way warmer than it looks!

2. Every Day is a New Science Adventure!

The best kind of adventure!

Because no matter what kind of Biology you are interested in, there will probably be something for you.

  • Public education – for people like me who love Biology, but are yet to hear of research and med school feels like too much of a commitment right now, so essentially those (like myself) who have no idea what they are doing with their lives.
Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown

  • Research – studies have shown that it may actually be helpful to be on a field station to carry out field research.

Who knew…?

And if you feel you are not ready yet, you could always apply to work in one of the established labs at Bamfield.

  • Students – if you are still yet to graduate, you could always enroll in one of their cool and immersive courses

And if that still doesn’t tempt you…


Just imagine for a second.

Food (and I mean good food)…

That you don’t have to cook…

Or clean up after.

giphyI’ll admit that even I struggled to reign myself in during most meals, but the abundance of fruits and salads helps balance everything out. Or so I told myself…

But the dining hall is more than just a place to eat. It is a place to gather with peers and friends after a long hard day of performing incredibly important and valid scientific experiments and just share a meal and talk about it. Or maybe if it is a bad day, not talk about it.

(You have probably noticed by now that experiments don’t always go as planned. Check out some of the other blog posts to learn about ways in which things really have seemingly gone wrong for us, and how the science emerged from the ruins.)

But Seriously Though…

Putting the plate aside for a moment, field science stations really are truly inspiring places that are every aspiring Biologists’ dream to work at, live at, or even just visit. To find out more, check out the Bamfield Marine Science website here.

Photo: University of Victoria

Bamfield Marine Science Centre. Photo: University of Victoria

Don't let your dreams be dreams. via Gify


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