Time to Grow Little Copepods

This is just a little parody in honour the Tigriopus californicus research we’ve been doing these past two weeks. Tigriopus is a cold water copepod we collected from tide pools in Bamfield. We’ve been keeping mating pairs at two different temperatures (20 and 26 degrees celsius) to see if temperature affected survival and reproduction. We measured the number of clutches hatched, which is another way of measuring the amount of times a female was fertlized successfully. The female has to reach a certain development stage (stage V) in order to be fertilized which is why the males hold on to the females for so long sometimes up to a week!I won’t ruin the song by telling you what we found but I will say it was pretty cool!
If you have seen frozen please read this poem to the tune of “Let it go”. If you have not seen frozen or you are horrified by my attempt to parody the song please read this poem to any tune of your choosing.

“Time to Grow”

The lab light is bright on the Tig well tonight
Not an egg sac to be seen
Mating pairs in isolation,
Each one with their own queen.

The male is clasping to release his sperm inside
Gotta hold her tight until her stage V term arrives

Don’t go and swim, don’t eat algae
Don’t let that female Tig be free
Guard to win, don’t let them go!
Or your genes won’t flow!

Let it flow, Let it flow
Don’t hold your sperm back anymore
Let it flow, let it flow
Your babies she’s gonna store

No need to care
She only mates once its ok
Go continue your Tig life alone,
Unless a bigger thing eats you anyway!

It’s funny for some populations
No matter bigger or small
Temperature decides their situation
And their total size can fall!

It’s time to see what Tig can do
To test their temp limits and break through
Survival and clutch, we did see, differed significantly!

Let JUMP go, let JUMP go
I am one with the data and trends
Let JUMP go, let JUMP go
Or another software, it depends!

The tests have ran
And here I’ll write
I won’t be sleeping much Tonight!

When Tigriopus feels the heat
Increased metabolic rate causes survival to deplete
Lower clutch number for those that can last
But they can’t mate again once clasped,
The past is in the past!

Time to grow, Time to grow
Grow hatched nauplii with no fear
Time to grow, Time to grow
We can’t see you but you’re here!

Here you swim
Warmer than normal, and growing fast
This isn’t a tide pool but grow on,
Your lifespan is only 21 days anyway!

Don't let go until she's fertilized! Photo credit: burtonlab.weebly.com

Don’t let go until she’s fertilized! Photo credit: burtonlab.weebly.com


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