Student Contributors

Aysha Ayub


Aysha is a third year undergraduate student studying biology. Her interest is in studying human biology although she loves to learn new things about invertebrates. Growing up on the West Coast, she has had the opportunity to see many marine animals living in their natural environments. In her spare time, Aysha enjoys travelling and spending time with friends and family. 


Kephra Beckett

Kephra is in the 3rd year of her undergraduate dsc_2626degree in biology. Growing up poking and prodding tide pools, she was always enchanted with the alien-like creatures that lived within them. Along with marine invertebrates, she’s also very interested in terrestrial insects and their ecological and co-evolutionary relationships with flowering plants. She looks forward to playing with as many weird critters and creepy-crawlies as possible (for science, of course).

Brianna Cairnsbrianna_cairns

Brianna is a 4th year student working to complete her honours degree in Marine Biology. She is endlessly fascinated by the ocean and its inhabitants with a special focus on marine mammals. Her thesis surrounds a novel method of measuring body composition in Steller sea lions under the supervision of Dr. David Rosen. When she isn’t prepping herring lunches for her sea lion friends she can usually be found running for the UBC track and cross country teams, and eating large volumes of mashed potatoes.

Sukhjit Cheema

cheemaSukhjit is an undergraduate student that is majoring in Biology at the University of British Columbia. After taking an invertebrate class, she was fascinated by the immense diversity of these animals. She is interested in learning more about animal physiology.  She enjoys being outdoors and participating in activities such as hiking, running and kayaking.

Casey Chiu

casey_chiuCasey is a third-year Honours Animal Biology student at UBC. Although she is a crazy cat lady, she is also passionate about other animals, especially mammals. Her long-term goal is to continue her education at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) and become a veterinarian. In her spare time, she volunteers at many animal-related organizations. Currently, she is volunteering at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Vancouver Aquarium, BC SPCA, and Vancouver Animal Emergency and Referral Centre. Last summer, she began volunteering at the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre that sparked her interests in the conservation of marine mammals.

Megan Crofts

croftsMegan is a UBC student finishing up her 4th and final year of a biology undergraduate degree. Megan is an avid hiker, snowshoer, skier and general outdoors enthusiast. She is happiest when her passion for nature and biology overlap, as they almost always do, and finds that the more you know about something, the more amazing it becomes. She is excited to go on to a degree in nursing following sciences, but is currently thrilled to be spending her final undergraduate semester in the company of awesome invertebrates. 

Nimaya Fernando

Nimaya is a 4th year Biology major at UBC with a focus on physiology and genetics. She hopes to become a high school teacher, and share her love of biology and science with students! Nimaya enjoys cooking, singing and hanging out on the beach on a summer day!

Maria Frias-Donaghey
Maria is a third-year UBC studentblogpicture pursuing a major in biology with a minor in oceanography. She has loved the ocean ever since she can remember and plans to bring this passion to her career as an oceanographer. Her interest in marine research deepened during her placement at ECIM in Chile, as a research assistant exploring thermal tolerances of marine invertebrate larvae and fish, including effects on growth and distribution. Maria has an unexplained obsession with sharks and in her spare time you can find her skiing, hiking and scuba diving.

Chany Guo

Arpun Johalarpun_johal-png

My name is Arpun and I’m a third-year student at the University of British Columbia, majoring in Biology. I’m primarily interested in human biology and physiology, however I took an introductory Invertebrate zoology class and loved it! I decided I wanted to learn more about marine invertebrates especially in the context of ecology and physiology. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer, running, volunteering, writing, and exploring the outdoors. 

Todd Kaiway

kaiwayTodd is a 4th year Biology student trying his darnedest to get into dental school. He is currently focusing his studies primarily in physiology and genetics, and enjoys training his dexterity in picking and breeding C. elegans worms. Todd has been interested in marine biology since he was in high school and volunteered at the Vancouver Aquarium. He enjoys playing hockey, circuit training, and coaching rugby in his free time.

Sharon Kay


Sharon is finishing her fourth year at UBC and working towards an honours degree in marine biology. Her marine ecosystem interests are widespread and have led her to some fantastic opportunities from grey whale research to sea stars. What drives her interest most for the marine ecosystem, is the wild and often harsh conditions of working on/in the sea. She is currently taking on the task of uncovering the effects of sea star wasting disease on the Burrard Inlet sea star community.

Maddy Kerr

326-blog3Maddy is in her last semester at UBC, finishing off her Biology degree. Her interests are directed towards human/animal physiology, but it’s hard not to appreciate all things science living in beautiful Vancouver. She loves getting outdoors and appreciating all that the west coast has to offer.

Cole Larsen

cole_larsenCole is a fifth-year evolutionary biology major at the University of British Columbia. He has broadly sampled the field of biology, undertaking research in fields ranging from brain cancer treatment to microbial ecology. Harboring a deep yet untapped interest in ecology his last frontier remains the great outdoors, and he plans to explore graduate studies in conservation biology and forestry. An eclectic at heart, Cole enjoys collecting field guides  for their pictures, running in the woods with pauses to study mushrooms, reading, playing bass, trivia, and pretending to know how to identify birds.

Miji Leemiji

My name is Miji. I am in the third year in Biology program. I am interested in both human and animal biology. I like scuba-diving and watching weird looking animals. I am looking forward to having a deeper understanding of the animals that I do not run into often.

Emily Limemily-lim

Emily is a third year biology major at UBC who grew up poking things in tide pools and decided to try and make a career out of that passion. In her free time she volunteers for the Harley lab, pours her soul into UBC Pride, and runs around the forest with a backpack and reckless abandon. She gets way too excited about most facets of biology, but the study of marine ecology really makes her go bananas.

Brent Ludwig

brent_ludwigBrent is a third-year Honours Animal Biology student at UBC. His primary scientific interest lies in animal physiology. It fascinates him to learn how animals have evolved anatomically to become masters of their respective habitats. He has always had a particularly soft spot for dogs, but his recent experiences volunteering at the Vancouver Aquarium’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and working at Butterfield Acres Petting Farm in Calgary have kindled his passion for animals of all shapes and sizes.

Brittany Ng

Brittany is in the fourth year of her 13321929_10209437886964759_1767696488693430656_nundergraduate degree studying biology. She has always had a strong passion towards nature and marine life that started when she was a young kid that always visited the Vancouver Aquarium. Growing up on the west coast has provided her many opportunities to immerse herself in the rich marine life that exists in BC. From volunteering with the Vancouver Aquarium, conducting gray whale surveys with NOAA, investigating the immune response in salmon to parasitic sea lice exposure, aquatic toxicology testing, to molecular wildlife forensics. Brittany’s favourite activities include learning about our world, exploring the great outdoors, spending time near or on the ocean, hiking, and camping.

img_4137Juhae Oh

Juhae is a third year biology student at UBC. She loves to explore and learn new things about basically anything that brings attention to her eyes. Outside of school, she is usually working or spending time with friends and family. During breaks she is usually traveling and has a goal to travel all around the world. She also loves to snowboard, play volleyball, softball, and do puzzles.

Prabh Sahotaprabh

Prabh is currently a third year undergraduate student majoring in Biology. She has a keen interest in human physiology but is always fascinated by exploring anything related to biological sciences. She looks forward to learning more about the various invertebrates that are in the local community. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, travelling and playing soccer.

Version 2Manjot Sandhu 

Manjot is a third year Biology Major at UBC. She is interested in invertebrate biology and hopes to gain hands on experience in Biol 326. Manjot enjoys reading, traveling, and loves being outdoors. 

Mitchell Sattler

mitchell_satlerMitchell is an undergraduate student at UBC and he is currently working on a science degree in Biology. Mitchell enjoys spending his time learning about a wide range of marine creatures and the characteristics that they possess that make them unique. His interest and concern for the ocean started at a young age. This interest has been amplified in the last few years through studying at UBC and through working at the Vancouver Aquarium, where he has the chance to teach kids about the amazing creatures that live in the world’s oceans.

Jessica Schaub

schaubJessica is a fourth year undergraduate at UBC pursuing an honours degree in Oceanography and Biology. The ocean captivated her at an early age, despite growing up in the Prairies, and her degree is a dream come true. Deep-sea research has become a recent interest, though she primarily enjoys working with jellyfish, which is both frustrating and rewarding depending on the day you ask her. When she is not being stung by jellyfish, she can almost always be found in, on, or near the water. Some of her favorite activities include SCUBA diving, fishing, swimming, yoga, volleyball, baking, and binge-watching T.V.

Arash Shahriari

arashArash Shahriari is in his last year of his undergraduate degree in biology at UBC, where he  has found a particular interest in vertebrate and invertebrate physiology. Next year, he hopes to enroll in the zoology graduate program at UBC. In his spare time Arash enjoys playing tennis, piano and watching movies.

Keila Stark

keilastarkKeila is in her third year starting an honours in Marine Biology. She decided to become a marine biologist when she was a little kid, and she hasn’t looked back since. Her current thesis project is looking at abiotic and biotic factors that contribute to invertebrate mesograzer community structure in eelgrass beds on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. When she’s not looking at pickled inverts under the microscope, you can find Keila swimming / biking / running, baking, or bird-watching. 

 James Yan

james_yanJames is a part time biology student in the last year of his studies. Outside of UBC, James works as a Tropic Aquarium Biologist at the Vancouver Aquarium where he cares for the birds, reptiles, insects and terrestrial mammals of the aquarium. Before this, he completed a 2 month internship at the Marine Mammal Rescue Center working with orphaned harbour seals, sea otters and cetaceans. James also has experience in avian and terrestrial wildlife rehabilitation as well as in small animal surgery. James’s interests lie in animal welfare and rehabilitation and he hopes to work with exotic animals or in wildlife rehabilitation in the future.