Past Student Contributors – 2014

Rohan Bhan



I am currently a fourth year undergraduate student studying biology at UBC. In my spare time I enjoy playing a multitude of sports, working out, and canoeing.






Heather BryantHeather

Heather is an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia and is completing an honours degree in animal biology. Her research interests focus on comparative animal physiology and particularly the physiological adaptations that enable animals to live in certain environments. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors through hiking, camping, and various other outdoor activities.

AllisonAllison Dennert

Allison is an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia completing her honours degree in Marine Biology. Her undergraduate research interests focus on trophic ecology and resource partitioning in Alaskan Dolly Varden and Arctic char. She loves working outside, going hiking, and taking long naps.



Jake Dytnerski

JakeJake is in his fourth year at UBC, pursuing his honours degree in marine biology. His interests lay in marine ecology, understanding the workings of whole marine ecosystems, here in the Pacific Northwest and the tropics, specifically coral reefs. Jake is an avid traveller and has spent years working around the world. It was his years in Thailand, working as a SCUBA instructor that inspired him to continue his education, in the hopes of understanding the intricate workings of the beautiful coral reef ecosystems that he dived on every day. Jake has also worked as a bartender and server, Marionette puppet-maker, landscape foreman for a TV show, and a dogsled guide.



Jaime Grimm (Jamie’s Webpage)


Jaime is currently an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia studying biology and oceanography. Her research interests are focused on questions surrounding marine invertebrate and community ecology, specifically the impacts of marine pollution and invasions on these systems. Besides being enamoured with working in the field, Jaime also loves to scuba dive in the cold Pacific Northwest waters, hiking, and camping.



Steve Healy

Steve Steve is a UBC undergraduate student pursuing an honours degree in Conservation Biology.  He has always loved spending time in the outdoors kayaking, camping and hiking, so was naturally attracted to the field of Biology – more specifically Ecology and wildlife Biology.  His undergraduate research interests focus on the intergenerational effects of stress on swimming and schooling dynamics of juvenile salmon.





Sarah HoSarah

I am 3rd year student completing an Honours degree in Conservation Biology. I have a passion for protecting both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. But I am particularly fascinated by marine invertebrates, especially ones that are fun to touch.







Jon Howe

JonJon is completing the 4th year of his Undergraduate Degree in Biology. In his free time he enjoys reading, watching movies, camping, fishing, and hiking. During the winter season he can frequently be found visiting his parents in Mexico, and hiding from the cold weather in general. On occasion he can be persuaded into a trip to the mountains for some snowboarding.




Parneet Jandi

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Biology at the University of British Columbia. I am Parneetintrigued by the magnificent workings of the mammalian system and have a passion for physiology. I enjoy interacting with animals and understanding the mechanisms and the evolutionary underpinnings of why they behave in a certain manner.  In my spare time I often attempt to expand my limited culinary skills and enjoy ending my day with a good book, preferably not of the academic kind.




Amrit Jawanda

AmritI am in the final year of my undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of British Columbia. I am fascinated by the human body, but also have an interest in learning about the evolution, physiology and behaviour of animals. Whether taking an ornithology course or a general animal physiology course,  I have learned to appreciate the diversity of the organisms that surround us!



Jeff Joss

JeffJJeff is currently an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia studying oceanography and biology. His main research interests are paleoceanography and how marine ecosystems are being influenced by climate change today. Along with the love of being in the field, he also enjoys camping, playing guitar, snowboarding and many other activities.




Nicole KelloughNicole

Nicole is a current undergraduate at the University of British Columbia completing a degree in biology and oceanography. Diving with great white sharks in Australia cemented her interest in conservation and marine biology. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors at the beach or exploring the mountains in North Vancouver.




Cassandra Konecny

CassandraI am a UBC student working on an Honours degree in Marine Biology. I grew up in Ottawa and so I didn’t come in contact with the ocean very often growing up however, I did spend a good portion of my time outdoors (hiking, kayaking and camping). I moved out to Vancouver for my undergrad on a limb but looking back I would have been crazy to make any other decision. After working in both an entomology and a botany lab I am so excited to be gaining experience with what I am most passionate about; our invertebrate friends of the ocean. My key interests are climate change and the effects that it has/will have on the  oceans many inhabitants. The coolest feeling for me is actually seeing the organisms that we’ve been learning about in class while either scuba diving or splashing through a low-tide shore in my rain boots.




Brandon LeeBrandon

Brandon Lee is an undergraduate at the University of British Columbia studying Biology. His interests and activities include playing basketball, Dutch Blitz and naps.

Chun-Sung Percy Lee
PercyHello! I am a UBC Biology undergraduate currently in my fourth year of study. Living in different parts of the world (from Costa Rica to Taiwan) has given me the opportunity to observe wildlife throughout the world, and instilled me with a curiosity about the natural world. Aside from Biology, I play the piano and love to play squash.




Dani Marcoux

Dani Dani is an Undergraduate student currently in her last year of completing a Bachelors in Science: Biology. Her passion is to teach the world about the amazing biological realm and to inspire the younger generation to become incredible scientists and citizens. She overindulges in tea and chai tea lattes and will never refuse a night by the fireplace with a good book.
Roma Nagin


Roma is in her final year of her undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of British Columbia. Although her passion is human biology she enjoys learning how animal behave and their differences from humans. In her spare time she enjoys being outdoors doing various activities such as hiking, kayaking, diving, and snowboarding (pretty much anything that will let her be with nature).




Lucas Pavan

LucasI am an undergraduate UBC student finishing up an Honours degree in Ecology. My work focuses on hummingbird foraging behaviour and how it affects the relationship between plants and their pollinators in tropical ecosystems. Although my study system is the Peruvian Andes, I am also fascinated by the oceans and the kinds of life that can be found there. In my spare time I like to do anything that gets me outside including mountain biking, skiing, hiking, tenting, and kayaking (the ocean variety of course).




Ondine Pontier (Ondine’s Webpage)ondine

I am a UBC student finishing my undergrad in Marine Biology. I grew up on West Coast and have had the chance to see it up close under all sorts of angles, from walking between its tides to sailing across its winds and diving in its depths. I spent this summer working as a field technician up at the Hakai Beach Institute on Calvert Island. There, I had the privilege to work in our famous underwater forests and learned to appreciate them. Thus, I would like to pursue studying kelp forest ecosystems as they flourish, hold and nourish all sorts of incredible organisms. I look forward to learning more about the invertebrates that thrive in these forests and along our coast.

My linked webpage is a blog I kept while doing a directed project on the opalescent nudibranch during my Bamfield Fall Program in 2012.




Chanelle Samuel

ChanelleChanelle is currently completing her last year of undergraduate studies in Biology at the University of British Columbia. She is very interested in both human and animal physiology. In her spare time she enjoys reading, watching movies, swimming, and anything to do with dance.




Rhea StorlundRhea

Rhea is an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia working towards her Bachelor of Science with a Major in Biology. She is fascinated by marine mammals, so this summer she completed a practicum at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre, where she helped with the daily husbandry care of stranded harbour seal pups. A west coaster all her life, she is happiest by the ocean.




Daniel Shearer

DanielDaniel is currently studying Biology as an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia. His current interest lies in anything that allows him to get outdoors in order to learn a little bit more about the world. In his free time, he enjoys skiing, camping and longboarding.





Meghan TerpenningMeghan

Meghan is in her third year of her undergraduate degree in biology at UBC. Meghan is interested in the marine ecology of the Pacific Northwest; particularly how community structure will change with the progression of climate change and ocean acidification. In her spare time, Meghan enjoys travelling, reading, and cooking.




Alexi ThompsonAlexi

I am a UBC undergraduate completing my honours in Animal Biology.  My undergraduate research is focused on disease and behaviour in dairy cows with applications to welfare.  Outside of academic life, I enjoy playing guitar, skiing, and rock climbing.




Celia Yang

photo(3)Hey guys! I’m Celia, and I love sharks and dinosaurs.

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