Past Student Contributors – 2015

Linda Au

10410576_10153448387927048_5015446169897632322_nLinda is an undergraduate pursuing a biology degree which she hopes to apply towards teaching future students about how much more biology is about than “just memorization”. Her passion for biology was inspired through volunteering with the Vancouver Aquarium at a young age (she has not been able to look the same way at an anemone or rockfish since!). She is extremely passionate about conservation and biodiversity, and is particularly intrigued by the application of physical principles to biology in physiology and biomechanics.

Cameron Bullen

10313828_10154162560525603_6767571017763975515_nCam is currently a 4th year Biology Major at the University of British Columbia. His interest in Biology began as just another excuse to get outside and explore the wilderness of BC, but has grown into a passion to understand and protect the diversity of life found throughout the province and further afield. When not hiking, camping, paddling, climbing, or skiing Cam is likely reading a book or planning his next trip outdoors.

Jilisa Chernecki

JilisaCphotoJilisa is a fourth year UBC student studying Biology with a focus on marine ecology and the zoology of marine invertebrates. She is also extremely interested in marine mammals and hopes to study them more in the future. In school and in life, she lets her curiosity lead her and is constantly seeking new opportunities that will take her to new places around the world and will build her knowledge of marine ecosystems. Jilisa’s ideal future career would be one that provides an intellectually challenging environment, as well as lets her work outdoors and get her hands dirty.

Alyssa Ciona

CotopaxiMy name is Alyssa, I’m in my fourth year at the University of British Columbia majoring in biology. I have a passion for learning about both terrestrial and marine environments and the animals that live within them. I love the outdoors and one day hope to have a career where I can be outside and constantly learn more. Some of my other interests are soccer, hanging out with my dogs and travelling as much as I possibly can!

Jalila Devji

Mini Profile Picture jpgMy name is Jalila and I’m in the final year of my Biology undergraduate degree at UBC. My focus lies primarily in mammalian physiology, but having taken an introductory invertebrate course I became very curious about how much we have to learn from these amazing animals! In my free time I love to cycle and swim and expand my questionable culinary skills.

Olivia Dyck

Bio326My name is Olivia, and Im currently pursuing an honours degree in Marine Biology.  Growing up in the prairies, I was always captivated by the ocean, and since moving here it has failed to disappoint.  Im very interested in many of the different facets of biology, and so I still have no idea where I will end up.  In my spare time I’m usually hanging out down by the beach, or up on a mountain.

Joanna Enns

JoannaEnnsJo is currently in her last year of studying biology at UBC and is most interested in the behavioural ecology of animals. After becoming enamoured with jumping spiders while studying them in New Zealand, she spent her most recent summer chasing them around in the field as a part of her own research project in Wayne Maddison’s salticid lab. Besides eagerly videotaping jumping spider courtship, Jo enjoys alpine hiking, slacklining, and drawing.

Kristine Escanan

New Camera 009rsKristine is currently completing her last year of undergraduate studies in Psychology and Biology at the University of British Columbia. She is passionate about animals, and is particularly interested in animal welfare. Next September, she intends to enroll in UBC’s animal welfare graduate program, with the ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian. In her spare time Kristine enjoys sewing, cooking and longboarding, among other things.

Natalie Etemesi

Blog Profile Picture - Natalie Etemesi (1)I am currently an undergraduate student studying Animal Biology at UBC. I enjoy being active – both indoors and out – reading, travelling, exploring, and experiencing new things.

Allison Evers

Allison on the wallAllison is in her final undergraduate year at UBC completing a degree in biology. Her interest in biology grew from spending summers at the beach with her family on the Sunshine Coast. She enjoys studying animals of all shapes and sizes, whether it’s blue whales or rotifers. You can often find her at the Vancouver Aquarium in the galleries educating visitors about marine life or behind the scenes caring for the animals.

Kelsey Flynn

FullSizeRenderI am a fourth year student at UBC, working on completing an honours degree in marine biology. Growing up in Newfoundland sparked an interest in marine biology for me early on, so when the time came I packed myself up and moved to Vancouver formy undergrad degree. My research interests focus on marine ecosystems and jellyfish. Their life histories, their effects on marine ecosystems and responses to climate change factors to name a few things. In my spare time I like to go hiking, camping, kayaking, I’m outside every chance I get.

Rebecca FioRito

IMG_9035I am in the last semester of my degree in Honours Biology at UBC. My undergraduate research focused on investigating the role of a group of protist parasites in the current sea star wasting epidemic. Aside from my love for all animals and ocean related things, I enjoy spending time biking, hanging out in parks, homesteading, reading, and exploring the outdoors.

Katrina Gabaldo

IMG_3316Hi, my name is Katrina, I am a fourth year undergraduate studying biology at the University of British Columbia with a focus on animal physiology. I was born in Hollywood, California and moved to Vancouver, B.C. at a young age. Being from the West Coast, I’ve always loved going to the beach, being in the water and all of the wonders that the ocean has to offer. Other passions of mine include playing volleyball and travelling.

Sadie Garcia

IMG_5911Sadie is in her final year of her undergraduate degree in Biology at UBC. She is interested in insects and molecular biology and worked on an ecological study involving dragonfly larvae this past summer. Her plan for the future is to hopefully complete a Master’s degree in Europe. Sadie enjoys hiking, biking, reading and traveling.

Gwen Griffiths

The best part of living in BC is what you get to see under, on, and around the water. I am currently pursuing my honours degree in marine biology by studying what controls algae growth in seagrass meadows. A big plus to my research is all the diving I get to do! I try to stay submerged as much as possible, which presents problems sometimes, but I’m working around the hypothermia thing. If I’m not goofing off in the ocean, I’m exploring the outdoors with my pals, searching for new places to explore. I like to think of my life as a Disney movie, and I’m the wise cracking animal side kick everyone loves-like Flounder, or Mushu, that’s really all you need to know.

Cameron Gutjahr

Cameron GutjahrHello there!  I am in my last year of my many-year Biology undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia.  My interests include the Lord of the Rings, religion, musical theatre, working with children and of course the evolution and ecology of marine invertebrates. BAM!

Kathleen Higgins

blogPictureI’m in my 4th year of my undergraduate degree in biology.  I’m interested in conservation and I love rainforests. In my spare time I like painting, kickboxing and looking for critters with my headlamp. Someday I hope to live in the jungle and help protect animals with science.

Adrienne Hutchinson

IMGP0084Adrienne Hutchinson is a 4th year marine biology student at UBC. Originally from Muskoka, Ontario, she fell in love with the ocean at an early age and has loved every moment of living in Vancouver. She is primarily interested in marine mammals, and is studying the biomechanics of whale baleen for her undergraduate thesis. This has brought her many exciting opportunities and increased her passion for marine life. She hopes to gain more hands-on experience in BIOL 326.

Katrina Kaur

KatrinaKaurKatrina is an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia, currently pursuing an honours degree in evolutionary biology. Her research interests lie with invertebrates since so much can be learned about evolutionary history and ecology through observing them. But more importantly, Katrina chose the field of biology because it was the closest thing to herbology she could find in the muggle world. Living on the west coast all her life, Katrina has always been fascinated by the wildlife around her and has an appreciation for the water. In her spare time she loves to swim, curl up with a good book, or go searching for a cool arthropod.

Jonathan Kim

1238166_10151879829139549_1938228721_nJonathan is a 4th year(ish) in Biology at the university of British Columbia. Originally from New Jersey, Jonathan moved out to Vancouver for university. Interested in all types of animals including humans, Jonathan hopes to pursue something in the future involving these things. In his spare time, you can usually find Jonathan running, dancing or surfing the web with a cup of tea.

Cherri Lau

10534061_10152651459691514_5521533657319942394_nCherri is an undergraduate student working on an honours degree in Marine Biology. Currently her research interest lies in the impact of climate change on local communities. Her other passions include musicals, books, and exploring new places.

Maegan Long

My reaction to seeing whales!Maegan is a fourth year undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia studying biology. She has always been fascinated by marine mammals (she still gets ridiculously excited whenever she sees a whale), though her interests have grown to include marine ecosystems with their many complex relationships, and environmental physiology.

Theo Taam

UBC card 2013 1I am currently in my 3rd year of my Undergraduate Degree in Biology. My interests are in both marine and terrestrial invertebrates, as well as marine vertebrates. I have not had the chance to do so yet, but in the future I hope to go scuba diving with exotic marine wildlife.

Dani Valgardson (@dani_valgardson)

Dani Valgardson - Blurb photoI am a 4th year UBC undergrad student who loves learning about ecology and animal physiology. I had an amazing opportunity to volunteer in the Jankowski lab this past summer and look at feather mites found on a few species of small birds found in the Amazon and the Andes. The experience has really pumped me up for more research in my future. I also love sharing amazing animal facts, even if no one else finds them particularly amazing. For example, did you know that sloth necks have nine vertebrates instead 7 which s usual for most other mammals? This allows sloths to feed by swinging their heads around rather then moving their whole bodies and therefore use less energy.

Vincent Wong

8Vincent is a fourth year undergraduate student at UBC pursuing a combined major in Biology and Computer Science. Constantly amazed at the wonder of nature, he is interested in the evolution and physiology of marine species. In his spare time, Vincent enjoys spending time outdoors with nature by hiking, and spending time indoors programming.

Clement Yim

Clement Profile PictureClement is currently a fifth year undergraduate Biology student at UBC. His passion for Biology stems from the curiosity as to how organisms adapt to living in extreme conditions on our planet. He also likes cows.

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